There Are Plenty Of Benefits You'll Have With Good Credit

Which One Do You Want?

a). Do you want to finally get approved for a home loan-without a crazy interest rate?
You can. And you can relax, stress free, in your own home.

b) Get a nice apartment. Without paying your rent through money orders.

c) If you don't have a credit card, now you can get one-even one with a great low interest rate.

d) Actually get financed on the "big ticket items", so you don't have to pay up front!

e) Get approved for the car or truck you want-without having to pay ridiculously high payments!

f) Don't worry about making deposits or money orders. They're a pain in the neck, you don't
have to deal with them.

g) Want to start a business?...Go back to school?...Want a better job? You can do all that and
make your life what you want it to be.

h) Refinance your home or car. Save a bunch of cash by paying less.

Get great low auto or health insurance. Don't be surprised if you save 27% on your auto
insurance alone!

a) Positive credit? Yes, we'll help you get that too. So when anyone looks at your credit
history they see someone with a solid track record.

That's just for starters! There are so many more, I couldn't possibly list them all. But I'm sure you
see the advantages of having good credit. Next you'll see how easily you can have it.

Here's A Little Known Secret Your Creditors Don't Want You To Know.

There are two acts, the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). And the FDCPA (Fair Debts Collections
Practices Act). These two acts were set up to protect your credit rights. Sounds like legal stuff
right? Don't worry, they're simple to understand. What they basically do for you is hold your creditors
and credit bureaus responsible-legally. Which means every claim against your credit they have to back
up, and prove-which is a beautiful thing.

Because here's where it gets good.

By now, I'm sure you know you want to fix your credit. Here's how we're going to do it:

Because of those two acts, anyone can get a copy of their credit report. After you have a copy of your
credit reports, this informative e-book will show you exactly how to go through the negative items and work to get them removed. Things like late payments, outdated or inaccurate information, judgments, collections...the usual.

Basically all the things that home lenders, credit departments, and so on look at when they decide
whether to give you that car, home loan, credit card, or interest rate you want.

The bottom line is this...

There are tons of details your creditors have to show in order for it to stay on your record, and they're
almost always overlooked. When that happens you catch them and-BAM-that negative item on your report is removed.

Let me give you an example,

Let's say your credit report shows you have late payments on your credit card 3 months in a row back in
'99. You will dispute your visa or master card company asking for proof of this. The fact is, either
they'll not bother with your dispute or not get back to you with the right proof. Then just like that,
the 3 months of late payments, according to your credit record, never even happened. By law it has to
come off your credit record.

The same works for loans and everything else.

You would be amazed at how many times the companies don't even get back to you. Think about it, you've got millions of people you have to keep track of, then you get a letter asking you to prove an event from 1999 about one of your millions of customers. Companies don't have time for that and they definitely don't have the staff for it. We know. We've been doing this for 6 years. And even if you didn't get it off your record in the first dispute, you'll send another one, and another. It's like releasing a highly
trained swat team on your creditors. We will supply all the powerfully loaded ammunition in your program.

So What Does This Mean For You?

You want lower interest rates, a home loan, a nice car? You want your credit fixed? It's simple, and
it's cheap. The moment you start is the moment your credit starts getting better.

That's the moment you get what you want.

No more high interest rates, or deposits. No more sky high payments that suck the money from you faster than you can say "see ya"! And no more crazy hoops to jump through because people don't trust you. Just good credit...and the lifestyle you want.

And it starts just a few minutes from now.

Our Customer Support Team will be available to assist & guide you through the entire process from start
to finish.

Your new car, new home & new life are just a click away... So proceed to the order form page & download your new credit repair program today.

"No Risk 60-day Money Back Guarantee": If you are unable to repair your credit, using our simple & legal techniques, within 60 days, you would be entitled to a full refund. You have nothing to lose & AAA credit to gain.

As a Bonus, for registering today, we will show you how to add ten years of AAA credit in your credit
report overnight!! Imagine how wonderful it will be, when you finally have the excellent credit rating
you deserve. The credit you need to provide your family & loved ones with financial security in an
unsecured economy. It's time you let go of your past credit problems & repair your credit report. This
program will give you immeasurable joy when you change your life & financial status like it has for so
many thousands of others.

Order the downloadable version MyNewCreditRepair 7.0 right now. Payment can be by Credit Card or Online Check. Your order will be processed & you will receive your new credit repair program within minutes. If you don't have a Credit Card or Checking Account, email us for other arrangements at:



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