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How does it work? Starting in the 1960's, Congress enacted a number of laws intended to protect
consumers from the invasion of their privacy and the reporting of inaccurate or unverifiable information. Among these laws were the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. We use these laws to show you how to force the credit bureaus to remove negative items on your credit reports.

Is it legal? YES! The only way to modify your reports is to use the laws. A Credit repair company such as ours acts as a check and balance system against the credit bureaus and collection agencies. We have the consumer in our best interest.

I heard from a friend that this cannot be done & it sounds too good to be true. Each year the creditors and credit bureaus spend millions of dollars to get this idea across to the public. They realize this is the only way to keep control. If you notice, the bureaus are usually making these negative statements themselves. If the process did not work, why would they spend so much money trying to deter you from this effort?

**In January 2000, the credit bureaus were fined $2.5 Million Dollars for failing to comply with the law. Millions of callers received a busy signal or a message asking them to call back later, while many
who did get through were kept on hold for long periods. Equifax and Trans Union also were said to have
blocked calls from some sites."

Can I do this myself? Anyone can restore his or her own credit. We offer a professional informative e-book to restoring your credit. Because creditors and credit bureaus do not want to remove negative items from your reports, they will use roadblocks and bureaucratic red tape to delay the process and elude the credit laws. We are familiar with these tactics and have developed techniques to combat their efforts and make the law work for you.

Is the E-book expensive? If you intend to use credit in the future, this could be the best investment you ever make. The average adult will spend an extra $5000 to 10,000 a year or more because of bad credit. The only out of pocket expense to repair your credit report is just 39.95. There is nothing else to purchase, ever.

How long does the process take? That is one of the negatives about credit repair. Your credit positive or negative, was not established over night. Generally speaking, it could take anywhere from 1 month to 2 months depending on your reports & how many negative items you have. You should start to see some results in 3 weeks or less...

How will I know the progress of the credit report being cleaned up? You will receive updated credit reports directly from the credit bureaus stating the progress made in restoring your credit. You
should start seeing these updated reports 2 to 3 weeks from the time the credit bureaus are contacted.

What items can be removed? We have seen thousands of citizens having items removed ranging from
credit cards and medical bills to bankruptcies, tax liens, and judgments, late pays, car repos, etc..
Virtually any item has the potential of being removed or restored.

If I pay my debts, will those items be removed from my credit report? No, there is no legal obligation for creditors to remove the negative items once a settlement or payment is made. Their only obligation is to show that the account has been settled or paid. If the items were negative before you paid them, they will still be negative after you paid them. The only difference is that it will show a 'zero' balance owed.

Any attempt, by a creditor or collector, to make you believe otherwise is a lie.

Won't an item fall off after 7 to 10 years? Generally speaking yes, as long as the item does not have a balance. Any item with a balance has the chance of being re-reported and starting the 7 to 10 year period all over. These items could stay on your reports forever.

Why wait 7 to 10 years to have good credit? Start getting control of your credit today!

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